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An Opportunity to Make Money from the Suffering of their Fellow Man
Dr Zambo
from No 'magic bullet' for MS

... What is going on here? It is easy to understand why persons with multiple sclerosis and those who love them dearly would be more than willing to risk anything if it meant that the course of their disease might be altered in a positive manner. As we know, this is a terrible condition, which sometimes shortens life and can be progressively more debilitating along the way.

I assume that members of the media who continue to regurgitate the original hype have chosen to ignore the mounting evidence that Dr. Zamboni's hypothesis seems doomed to failure, and are more interested in telling the heart-wrenching human interest stories, which inevitably arise out of such a situation.

It is also easy to understand the motivation of opportunists who are interested in self-aggrandizement and see an opportunity to make money from the suffering of their fellow man.

Interestingly, this seems to be a "made in Canada" controversy which has been largely ignored by the rest of the world. A recent report in the journal Nature identified 83 Canadian articles on this subject over the past year, while only 13 were published in Italy, Dr. Zamboni's native land, and only six in the rest of the world.

We should remember that the plural of "testimonial" is not data, and that without reliable, reproducible data a scientific hypothesis or theory is not likely to be valid. Caveat emptor!

dr zambo


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